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The RPL & Its Process

What is RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL is a process in which the experience, skills, training and knowledge that you have built up in your career can be converted to nationally recognised qualifications. These qualifications are exactly the same as those awarded through studying.

Getting qualifications through RPL means that you don’t have to sit in a classroom and learn about things you already know. Instead, you can just show evidence that you’ve covered it in your work. Simple!

A lot of important learning happens while you’re on the job, not just when you’re sitting in a classroom. This sort of experiential learning is just as valid and deserves to be acknowledged.

How RPL can work for you

1. Free skills check

Speak with one of our Education Consultants to see whether you are eligible for RPL. And we also have an alternate education solution that will help you achieve your career potential. Most noteworthy, we’ll select a solution that’s right for your Qualification.

Step 2. Submission of evidence

Match your existing skills and experience against the units of an AQF-accredited qualification. Therefore, our simple self-paced assessment process will help you submit your evidence with ease.


Your evidence will be reviewed by reliable RPL process experts and an assessment may be conducted through interviews. This will also help you understand your gaps if you have any.

Step 4. Qualification issued

Enjoy the benefits of having a nationally recognised qualification issued by one of our partner RTOs. Don’t meet the requirements of each unit of your qualification? Choose from a number of flexible study and blended-learning options to help you fulfill your career goals, from e-learning to gap training and further study.

The RPL Process