Payment Policy

The Services Fee is payable in full to RPL Trade upon client instructing RPL Trade to proceed with the provision of Services.

RPL Trade may, in its absolute discretion, accept payment of a deposit to commence the Services.

The full Services Fee must be paid in full prior to RPL Trade lodging client’s Application with a RTO.

RPL Trade will not lodge a completed application with a RTO on client’s behalf until the Services Fee has been paid in full. If client fail to pay the full Services Fee within (30) days of demand by RPL Trade, then any deposit is automatically forfeited to RPL Trade.

Where the option is given to client, client may make payment for the Services by way of:

  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT) into our nominated bank account
  • Credit Card Payment
  • PayPal Payment or
  • Cash

All payments made in the course of client’s use of the Services are made using eWay / PayPal / bank transfer.

In using the RPL Trade website , the Services or when making any payment in relation to client’s use of the Services, eWay and Paypal have their own terms and conditions that apply to their services.

Client acknowledge and agree that where a request for the payment of the Services Fee is returned or denied, for whatever reason, by client’s financial institution then client is liable for any additional costs, including banking fees and charges, associated with that payment or failure to process that payment.